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Introduction to 118114 Network Number Search Station and Niu Ah Xinjiang Lawyer Platform Business
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Xinjiang Number Beststone Information Service Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Niuah Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 18A, Block B, Jianshe Square (Qicai Building), 121 Guangming Road, Wushi

Website: binodsikdar.com www.5niua.cn

Network Number Search Station: 0991-4888114 4668114

Corporate Legal Line: 0991-2636466 2627466

E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise | Key Supporting Enterprise in High-tech Zone—Network Checking Station
Xinjiang Number Beststone Information Service Co., Ltd. All rights reserved
Dedicated line for 118114 network number checking station: 0991- 4888114, 4668114
Xinjiang Niu Ah Information Technology Co., Ltd. Niu Ah lawyer platform hotline: 0991-2636466, 2627466
Address: 18A, Building B, Construction Square, 121 Guangming Road, Urumqi
"People's Republic of China Value-added Telecommunications Business License" License: New B2-20070015 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the record: New ICP No. 12002412

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Network number station

Xinjiang lawyer

New Public Network Security No.65010402000699

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