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Enterprise Development Network officially changed its name to Network Search Station
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Dear friends from the Xinjiang business community,
From now on, the Enterprise Development Network officially changed its name to "Network Number Checking Station". Thank you for your support, along with us to this day!
Since its establishment in March 2006, Enterprise Development Network has provided tens of thousands of enterprises with online services such as online inquiries, corporate websites, and information release. It has also created opportunities for the vast number of enterprises from the Internet and promoted cooperation between countless enterprises .
Twelve years have passed. In order to provide you with better services, Enterprise Development Network officially changed its name to "Network Number Checking Station", which also allows users to understand what our platform does at a glance. From yellow page number checking, to voice number checking, to network number checking, this is the general trend of the times, and it is also an imperative for enterprises!
Not only that, we also launched a corporate legal platform, Niu Ah Xinjiang Lawyer. We believe that a company cannot be separated from a lawyer, especially a good lawyer, because a lawyer can help a company to “pre-employment, monitoring during the event, and remedial after the event. ". We take the law firm as a unit to carefully select full-time lawyers who have been practicing in Xinjiang for more than 10 years, and use the bid invitation method with a minimum reward of 199 yuan to meet the high-end legal needs of enterprises and entrepreneurs. You only need to search the public account "Niu Ah Business", you can see it, or you can search for "118114" or "Xinjiang lawyer" in the applet, and you can find us. Of course, if you have any questions, you can also call directly: 18999118114.
From development to the future, we also hope that the corporate legal platform-for development, for victory, for the future!
Thanks again for your support!
Best regards,
Xinjiang Number Beststone Information Service Co., Ltd.
July 19, 2018

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