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Enterprise Development Network sued our customers
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Enterprise Development Network members:
According to the situation reported by some enterprise units in Xinjiang, there have recently been illegal situations such as counterfeit contracts in the Xinjiang market. The genuine contracts used by the Enterprise Development Network are announced as follows. I hope that entrepreneurs and members will carefully identify when signing the contract to avoid being deceived!

Identification method:
的相对应的收据编号也应该为2015 6500951 ,此合同和收据才有效。 1. There is a warm reminder at the upper left of the genuine contract of Enterprise Development Network: "This confirmation slip number must be valid only if it is consistent with the number of the best receipt number." For example, the contract number is 2015 6500951. The corresponding receipt number should also be 2015 6500951. , This contract and receipt are valid.
2. Whether it is a contract or a receipt, it must be stamped with the "Xinjiang Number Best Information Service Co., Ltd." contract special seal and the financial special seal to be valid.
3. Please call: 0991-4888114, 18999118114 to confirm before signing the contract.

,请各位会员企业互相周知;如果已经上当,请及时反馈! The following is a copy of the genuine contract template , please member companies know each other well; if it has been fooled, please timely feedback!同时也希望受害企业及时联合我公司到公安机关报案! For companies that have feedback to our company, although our company strongly rejects counterfeit contracts, considering that the interests of deceived customers, especially old customers, have been harmed, the company specifically declares that corporate development online still publishes your corporate information . At the same time, I also hope that the injured company will jointly report to the public security organs with our company!

thank you for your support!

Special announcement!
Xinjiang Number Beststone Information Service Co., Ltd.
Sichuan No. 100 Business Information Service Co., Ltd.

July 9, 2015

Genuine contracts and receipts used by Enterprise Development Network (Xinjiang Market):

Genuine contracts and receipts used by Enterprise Development Network (Sichuan market and other markets across the country)

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