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Enterprise Development Network Hubei Station officially opened
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"Speech at the Establishment of Hubei Station of Enterprise Development Network"

Dear leaders, guests, ladies and gentlemen,
Good evening, everybody.
Yesterday (Note: May 1, 2015) was stormy. Today, it is extremely beautiful!
At this moment, when I stand on this stage and participate in the establishment of the Hubei Station of our corporate development network, I am very excited. Just as I came to Wuhan yesterday and the plane was pouring down, I always saw the rain as a source of money. , Hubei is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Today is already a clear sky and thousands of miles away.
Just now I quoted Chairman Mao's words, "Jimu Chutianshu" has another meaning. Do you know?
In September 2014, the 25-episode modern urban drama "Giant Eyes Chu Tianshu" produced by Wuhan Lightning Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. told the early 1990s that three Hubei youths Chu Yuntian, E Fei, and Hu Ergui came to Yunhai City to work hard. Suffering for survival. The stubborn Chu Yuntian and E Fei slept under the open-air bridge and lay on a cold street corner; Hu Ergui wiped his shoes on the street and practiced a stall in the downtown area. They have the unique characteristics of Hubei people, do not bow to difficulties, work diligently, and start from small things. After several years of struggle, Hu Ergui started from four small dining tables. After several bumps and turns, with perseverance, his "Hubei Family" became a well-known restaurant chain company in the country; Chu Yuntian became a largest zipper in Asia from a wage earner. Business giant.
Today, Mr. Wei Xiaohua, our head of Hubei Railway Station, was my colleague at the Yellow Pages of Xinjiang Telecom more than a decade ago. When the Enterprise Development Network was founded in 2006, he followed me to start a business together. In 2009, he returned to Hubei for personal reasons. Today, when he returns to the team again, as a comrade in arms fighting side by side, I am very pleased and deeply honored! I hope that in the land of Hubei, I will be as successful as a young man in the TV series "Ji Mu Chu Tian Shu"!
Enterprise Development Network was founded in 2006 and started in Xinjiang. It is now an autonomous region-level e-commerce demonstration enterprise and a typical statistical survey enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce, which has received great attention from relevant leaders. In June 2013, the Enterprise Development Network operated the Sichuan Station. On March 19 this year, the Enterprise Development Network operated in the Shaanxi Station. Today, the Enterprise Development Network has come to the hometown of Yandi Hubei Province for development. Too! Therefore, I hope that Hubei Enterprise Development Network, under the leadership of President Wei, takes service as the basis, takes sincerity as the benchmark, and develops as the goal, integrates Chu culture into the operation of the enterprise, and provides enterprises and entrepreneurs in Hubei Add brick!
When I came to Hubei last time, I sent a book to Mr. Wei named "Top of the Data". I hope that the Enterprise Development Network will achieve the top of his life!
Finally, let us work hard together to realize the great dream of "let all enterprises develop online"!
thank you all!