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Speech at the 2014 Annual Summary Meeting
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Dear partners, ladies and gentlemen,
Good evening, everybody!
At this moment, I am just as excited and enthusiastic as everyone else. For the coming of this day, I believe that all of us here today have worked hard! So, please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to your future bosses!
Yesterday we talked with Mr. Luo for an afternoon. Regarding how to become a billionaire, he talked about three conditions: platform, recruitment, self-management and team management. Individuals cannot be separated from organizations, and organizations are platforms. Enterprise Development Network is the platform for everyone to organize everyone. On this platform, Mr. Luo has demonstrated strong recruitment and management capabilities. The manager of each branch has demonstrated team management capabilities, and each individual has demonstrated self-management capabilities. Created the results of the past and the glory of today!
At this moment, I would like to ask everyone, who contributed our glory today?
I believe everyone understands that this credit is definitely not personal. With the platform alone, without the efforts of everyone, what can the platform do? However, I believe that when you come to the company, you just fancy the platform, especially the platform that can give you development space and rising opportunities, and everyone's development is also inseparable from a good platform. Those who are sitting here can persist from a few years ago to today, they must have trusted the platform of Enterprise Development Network! I am grateful to the telecommunications companies I have worked for, because only ten years of work experience in telecommunications has made me create the enterprise development network platform; I also thank everyone for their trust and persistence in this platform. I also want to emphasize (although I often emphasize it to everyone), I hope that everyone understands that the relationship between the company and employees is a relationship of interdependence, so I have always treated everyone as an employee, but called you "partners"!
We are a marketing company. It is not the product or the price that is the most moving customer for marketing. It is the service! Through the efforts in recent years, many of our partners have been deeply impressed by service, and have continuously learned how to serve customers well. Only after the service is done well will the customers last for a long time, and your financial resources will be continuous! Loyal to customers, customers will be loyal to you!
Speaking of loyalty, I must emphasize here: the loyalty of partners to the company to the business! The company allows everyone to conduct trial and error experiments in marketing models, product innovations, etc., but it is absolutely not allowed to do things beyond the scope of the company's business, especially things that violate the law!
For customers, what we still have to do is to innovate. Whether it is products or marketing, only new things can attract and impress customers, even if it is only a small micro-innovation.
The above is from the perspective of the outside, that is, from the perspective of the customer. Now I will talk about how we should do it from the perspective of the internal, that is, ourselves.
At this moment, I still want to reiterate three aspects of the company's corporate culture:
First: Breakfast habits
As a member of the company, if you do not eat breakfast in the morning, you will be fined. Why promote breakfast? Because you are now in your twenties, you are very reluctant to eat breakfast, and have even developed the habit of not eating breakfast, which will greatly affect your health! Although this effect will only show up when you are 40 or 50 years old, why does the company take it so seriously! Maybe you think, I can work in the company for three to five or seven or eight years. Please note that no matter how long you work in the company, as long as you enter the company, you must accept the company's culture, eat good breakfast and start working!
Second: learning spirit
We have repeatedly emphasized that "I'm not afraid you don't understand, I'm afraid you don't learn; I'm not afraid that you don't learn, I'm afraid you don't insist on learning"! I can have today, relying on learning and thinking; our Luo always has today, but also learning! Each of you saw books in the house of General Luo. Yesterday afternoon, I lost a total of one hundred yuan to Luo for the pronunciation of a word. Understand, learning will bring opportunities, and thinking will create wealth!
Third: boss dream
"Life must have dreams, what if it is realized?" We have been following Alibaba as an example, even though we are still far away from them, but I want to tell you: "We must have dreams What if we catch up? "Or," We must have dreams, what if we surpass them? "
Under the call of this great dream and mission of “Let all companies develop online”, the company has repeatedly called upon everyone to have the dream of becoming a boss! From the first day you entered the platform, the company told you to come forward as your boss's dream! So far, some people have realized their dreams of being the boss alone, and have their own cars and houses. As long as you have a dream, as long as you dare to think and do it, the dream will get closer and closer to you! If you don't even have the dream of being a boss, I believe that even if you work for another ten years, you will still stand still!
As long as we have a good platform, develop good breakfast habits, a long-term learning spirit, learn the recruiting ability and self-management team management ability from General Luo, serve customers well, and be bold in innovation, our dream will be realized!

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