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Original poem "I stand beside the richest man in the world"
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On the afternoon of November 23, 2014, Mr. Ma Yun, the world's richest man, arrived in Xinjiang. Accompanied by the leaders of Xinjiang, he went to Xinjiang Mustang International for the first time. Under the commentary of cultural celebrity Chen Zhifeng, he appreciated Xinjiang's sweat and blood BMW, which has unique Xinjiang characteristics. Oil paintings, the Populus euphratica group and the huge meteorite group for thousands of years. As a follower of Ma Yun, I was fortunate to be standing next to the richest man in the world, and I will be listening to his speech tomorrow. At this moment, I am still excited and unable to sleep.

"I stand beside the richest man in the world"

I stand beside the richest man in the world /
Enjoy the style of BMW with you /
Unspoken is the poplar of that thousand years /
Like the magnificent rays behind you /
Walking next to a huge meteorite /
As if through the heart of countless centuries /
Let me have the same mind as you /
As if the sound of the water of the West Lake stirred my dreams /
Gave me the same vision as you /
I used to say I exhausted all my energy /
Running on a sixth of the land /
Now I will sing aloud in the soul of the world /
I want to put global companies on track
Talking about business in the world is no longer a luxury /
I stand beside the richest man in the world /
I stand on the shoulders of giants /
From development to the future is our common dream /

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